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                                                         Jim Ellis

                                            Jim Ellis, who was a member of RLSAS during the 1990s, sadly passed away peacefully on 25th April 2016.

Jim was introduced to Archery in 1969 when he joined Kenilworth Archery Club and, when that club disbanded in 1973, he joined Coventry AC, one of the Country’s most successful clubs during the 1970s, before joining RLSAS in the early 1990s.

He regularly participated in tournaments, especially during the early years when he travelled to events both locally and further afield, primarily in the West Midlands and Grand Western regions, partly in support of his son Martyn and daughter Wendy. He continued to participate in county league matches, club and local tournaments into the early 1980’s and although never rising above first class, represented the County on a couple of occasions in the 1970’s.

He served on Club, County, Regional and National Committees, including both those for GNAS Finance and Judges and was a member of the Organising Committee for the European Target Championships that were held at Stoneleigh in 1978, having responsibility for the amenity field. He was Treasurer for CWAA in 1986 and Vice Chairman from the early 1980s to 1990. as well as President of WMAS for 12 years and the Vice President at the time of his death. Whilst on the WMAS Committee he was instrumental in establishing the Roy Matthews medals that are awarded at the WMAS Regional Intercounty Match and in encouraging funding of beginners equipment for the development of clubs within the region.

He was however, best known amongst archers for being a Judge, ultimately gaining his National Judge qualification and officiating at numerous National, Regional, County and Club tournaments from the early 1980s until his retirement in 1997 including his local tournament, the Leamington and Midland Counties. Throughout his career as a Judge he was always respected for being a fair and reasonable man who treated all archers equally and, whilst naturally being there to see that the rules were adhered to, his main aim was always to ensure that the archers enjoyed their days’ shooting and that Judges were, as far as possible ‘transparent’.